Apricote Bow

Apricote Bow

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Our Bows are offered in 4 sizes Large, Mini, Micro, and Itty Bitty. We also have the option of 2 different sizes in piggie sets! Our regular piggies are Micro sized and we also offer a itty bitty piggie set. 

Bows are available on Clips or Nylon (all nylons are currently black)

Large Bows measure approx. 5.5 inch

Mini Bows measure approx. 4.5 inch

Micro Bows measure approx. 3 inch

Itty Bitty Bows measure approx. 2 inch

Mock ups do not reflect the exact product that will be produced. These are to give customers a snap shot of what the design looks like in the product silhouette! Design sizing and vibrancy will vary 

Please feel free to email klmadventurekreations@yahoo.com with any questions!

please allow 24 to 48 hours for a responses